Even the lottery benefits from mobile web

Mobile Web - November 7 2011

When you think of businesses which can benefit from the growing use of mobile web, the lottery probably isn’t one of the first to come to  mind. However, Virginia Lottery have shown just how much they can use the medium by making mobile a priority of their new advertising campaign.

Virginia Lottery have implemented a new strategy, which makes use of a mobile compatible website, QR codes, text messages and alerts to raise as much awareness of their products as possible. Making the lottery as accessible and paperless as possible will appeal to both tech-fans and the environmentally conscious. As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, appealing to as large an audience as possible is key.

The companies new mobile website is at the centre of the campaign, with a range of other products supporting it. QR codes on vending machines which let customers access information on all of the different games and how to play them, SMS alerts for high jackpots and a strong presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are ensuring that as many people as possible can easily access and play the different games offered by Virginia Lottery. Removing the need to visit a shop to enter and sending alerts directly to players could greatly increase the number of people actively playing.

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