6 key benefits of having a mobile compatible website

Mobile Web - November 14 2011

The world mobile data traffic is set to explode by factor of 26 by 2015, Smartphones are rapidly replacing PC’s and laptops as the vehicle of choice for doing business, web browsing, and searching the internet. If your blog is not mobile accessible then you are missing out on exposure to a worldwide group of potential customers. This article will go over 6 Key Benefits of having a mobile compatible website.


1. Capture the Mobile Monetization potential of your traffic

Let’s be honest here, how likely is it that your visitors are going to click your ads when they already have to zoom in and out to just read your content properly? Displaying Mobile optimized advertisement, you will increase the likeliness of monetizing your mobile traffic.

Tapping into a customer base of more than four billion that is growing every day is a real no brainer. It really is just this simple – the more people that have access to your content the more potential you have for making a sale by acquiring a new customer and the benefit of their good experience being shared with all their friends on Twitter and Facebook. All this really means is more money for you.

2. Your mobile website is more likely to rank high

Google Search Engine’s purpose is to allow users to find the most optimal match to user’s queries. Having a mobile website  featuring compatible content will increase your likeliness to be found on a query executed from a smartphone.

3. Optimized content Increase Loading Speed

All images displayed to mobile users are mobile-optimized. Your mobile content is much smoother for your users as your pages and images will load faster.

4. User Experience

MobileWebAmerica.com uses our patent pending web to mobile technology that converts your present web site to a mobile accessible site which will display perfectly on thousands of mobile devices. The conversion makes your computer based web site user friendly by adapting it to the smaller screens of smartphones and other mobile devices. No developer is needed and no programming is required. Your users won’t need to zoom in and out to view your content.

5. Constant Sync of your Mobile Content

Other advantages of Mobile Web America, Inc. include exactly mirroring changes made to your computer based web page. Every change you make to your web site is reflected in your mobile accessible web page.

6. Compatibility

The main advantages of Mobile Web America are speed and convenience. You do not have to create an app for every kind of phone that is out there. Mobile viewing of your site will be a hassle free experience for your present and potential customers as it loads your present web site to a mobile phone at lightning speed. You won’t need a new domain name either.

How to Get Started?

All you have to do is go to mobilewebamerica.com and enter your url. The conversion is fast and is a steal at $4.99 a month. You can even try it for 7 days free to prove that mobile is the way to go with regards  to increasing your customer base and your income from your web site.

Get started today with a free trial and let mobilewebamerica.com streamline mobile integration for you.

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