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Company Spotlight, Mobile Website Review, Press Release - January 25 2013

Happy Friday everyone!

When we say we ♥ our clients, we mean it! Mobile Web America, Inc. is your business partner for Mobile Web solutions and this applies for  Small and Medium size businesses as well as our long list of Fortune 500 companies. Every month we will start featuring a business success story here. We are kicking off this “Company Spotlight Section” with Jasmine from Blue Creek Motor Cycle Training.

1. Where can we find your website?


2. How did you come up with your business name?

Motorcycle Training can be pretty intimidating, tense and even scary for some students. My last name is Bluecreek and we found a location next to a nice lake – so decided to use Bluecreek Motorcycle Training.  It seems to embody the relaxed comfortable atmosphere that we like to promote around our school.

3. What led you to Mobile Web America/How did you find us?

I have been with my web host, Lunarpages since 2005 and they referred you.  At first I was just going to ignore the opportunity.

4. What was the biggest challenge you faced as an entrepreneur, and how did you manage to successfully overcome it?

For me this time- there were dual challenges. One was financial; I had been out of work for over a year when I opened my school. I was concerned about generating enough revenue (i.e. getting enough new students to support my school for the first year). This business really runs on referrals and we were going to be the newest school in the Denver area. I successfully solved this problem by locating myself and my school in a situation with relatively low overhead, and only signed 6 mo. leases at a time until we got on our feet.

The other challenge, specific to my business, was locating a suitable parking lot or vacant paved lot to conduct the mc classes in. We need a very large uninterrupted area of pavement. We have many safety, state and Motorcycle Safety Foundation Regulations that we must meet before we can hold a mc class anywhere. Then there are zoning neighborhoods issues.

Most of them don’t want a noisy mc school operating across the street from where they live. I solved the problem the first time with perseverance and talking to virtually everyone I came in contact with. I followed all leads and was doing my own footwork. Believe me it was frustrating and consumed several months.  Finally a friends’ lead paid off and we found our current home.

5. Any recommendations/wisdom to share with entrepreneurs that are just starting their business out there?

I know it probably sounds trite-but you really have to believe you can do it-whatever you’re thinking about.  I’ve owned a couple of other business in the past, and I went on saying to myself “I think I can do this, but….”.  The truth is, I only hoped I could be successful in those businesses, I didn’t really believe in myself in those arenas. I carried a lot of doubt and less than positive attitudes into those businesses. This time, once I committed to going through the whole process starting up another small business – my attitude was, “I KNOW I can teach people how to ride and I KNOW I can be the best school in Colorodo.”.  I figure if I’m offering the best possible lessons, and I truly believe in my ability to be successful – people would come to me for training…and they are. ” We are not quite 3 years old and doing great.  In 2012 we had 4x the students and income we had in 2010.

6. Do you have any suggestions for Mobile Web America? Anything you would like to see, use or, change?

Well so far I am still finding my way around in the set up program and really in a place to make recommendations yet. I will say that Moe and Mobile Web America have been great about supplying me with the information and support that I need. When I email and have asked for some help I’ve received it promptly.

7. Why is mobile so important for you and did MWA provide you with what you were looking for?

….I’ve recently learned a few things. I attended a couple social media advertising seminars and noticed that to reach my target market through the internet, I needed to do more. I realized that our school needs to have a mobile presence to better reach all of my target market. Statistics I read say that 64% or more of web surfing in 2013 will be done on mobile devices.

8. Whats next for your business?

Currently we’re on the hunt for a second location or parking lot in which to be able to offer twice as many classes. We are ready to expand-our first expansion. We expect to more than double our enrollment this upcoming season and having a mobile presence is a big part of our approach to increasing our enrollment and a big part of our 2013 business plan.

9. Are you on Facebook or Twitter? If so, please provide the links so our readers can find you.

Facebook: Jasmine Bluecreek Clark/Bluecreek Motorcycle Training

Twitter: jasmine Bluecreek@bluecreekjas

Yelp: Bluecreek Motorcycle Training

Youtube: Jasmine Bluecreek Clark

Mobile Website: bluecreekmotorcycletraining.powered.mobi

Best of luck to you Jasmine! Want to be famous too? Contact us today and have your company featured on our blog!

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