New Feature: Built-in Mobile Website Analytics

Development, Mobile Analytics, Press Release - February 7 2013

Mobile Web America, Inc. has released a new upgrade to its engine by adding built-in Mobile Website Analytics. Our goal is not to compete with existing Mobile Website Analytics providers such as Google Analytics, but to provide you with the  basic mobile website information to get a quick overview of your mobile website performance.

Those are some of the information you will now see in your control panel under Analytics:

1. Visits

2. Pageviews

If you do have those “Click-to-Action” enabled, we also allow you to track the analytics for:

  • a. Click-to-Call
  • b. Click-to-Map
  • c. Click-to-Email
  • d. Menus (Restaurant for example)

3. Mobile Website Traffic Ranking (by Country)

4. Top Desktop/Mobile Browsers

5. Top Operating Systems

6. Top Referrers

7. Top Keywords (from Google, Bing, or Yahoo search engines)

8. Top Pages (popularity)

Mobile Website Built-in Analytics

Be ready, because we do have a lot of updates coming up over the next few days!

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