Well, you all know about Mobile Web America, Inc. and we are thrilled about the level of excitement everyone has generated. Now, let's get to know the founders of the product you love.

Moe Jame

CTO & Co-Founder

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Moe speaks several languages including French, German, English. Moe had an epiphany at a very early age. "The future will be in technology and well-defined processes and automation". He was inspired by a real-life example: his grandfather who was in the manufacturing industry. At 12, as Moe was walking the floors of the 4-story manufacture facility with his grandfather, he realized the incredible power and benefits in output and quality of synchronized automated production system. Since then, while studying, he would spend time after school disassembling and reassembling good old computer mainframes for fun. After graduating, he was brought to California where he met Jason.

Previously to founding Mobile Web America, Inc., he developed and released several Enterprise-level SaaS web and mobile ERP and CRM solutions in a wide spectrum of industries including Healthcare, Defense, Construction, Insurance and Consumer Goods with clients such as the United Nations. Moe previous ventures received tremendous amount of media coverage in Europe and in the US. Moe is now in charge of the development of Mobile Web America's core engine.

Jason Pammer

CEO & Co-Founder

Born in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, Jason speaks English and does his best to keep up with Moe's language database; though often he is credited with being fluent in Pidgen. Jason moved to California to obtain his undergraduate degree from Chapman University in Business Entrepreneurship & Masters from the University of Southern California.

An entrepreneur from birth Jason was Co-Founder of several small firms and was notably the Vice President of an international Construction Conglomerate where he brought in over $300 million in sales. Moe and Jason met through business and were discussing their new iPhones and thought: "You know, these Apps are pretty cool on our phones but so goes Computer Based Software, so goes the App". They since came up with the idea to create a platform to easily allow businesses to tackle their web presence for mobile devices without the need for expensive Native Apps.

Derek Proudian

Chairman & Co-Founder

Derek is originally from Los Angeles, CA. He attended Stanford University where he received both an MBA and Masters in Computer Science. He has been the CEO of five venture backed start-ups including LensVector, Zip2 & Panasus. Derek is tied to the VC world and was formally a General Partner with Mohr Davidow Ventures. He is currently a board Member of Mobile Web America, mSpot, SquareTrade & MicroCures, Inc. Once Derek came on board with Mobile Web America, things really took off!

Afbeelding Manager en Editor

Vergeet Photoshop, je kunt tekenen size, gewas, uit te breiden, diverse effecten toevoegen, vormen, en nog veel meer, midden in de RWB Image editor.

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