So why go responsive? Well, there are many advantages to do so, depending on your current development cycle. If you do have a non-responsive website published and need a mobile friendly version of it quickly without touching your core site’s code, then KMB (Kishkee Mobile Builder) may be the product you will need to start with. If you are in the early stage of planning a new website, new web or mobile application, then taking the RWD approach is probably your best bet. Build your site and target multiple devices all at once. You can even declare what content display on what type of device. Say you want to show a specific content ONLY on mobile devices, you could do that by simply declaring it in your code by adding a class to the div wrapper (i.e. .visible-xs or .visible-sm). Google and other search engines love sites that are designed to be responsive, because they can serve search results based on the searcher device. So the SEO aspect is another major advantage.

With our experience in the field with real users, we also had the on-going mission to select the most robust framework for our RWB platform, and we decided to select the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Originally created by a designer and a developer at Twitter in mid-2010. It was officially released to the public on August 19, 2011. We started following the development of the framework early on. The approach with v3 is focused on the 'mobile-first' approach which fully match our company core vision.


Facilmente e visualmente modificar elementos CSS, como sombras, preenchimento, estilos de texto e bordas para parecer exatamente como você quer, tudo que você, sem qualquer conhecimento de programação.


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Google começou a implantar um nova atualização busca móvel em 21 de abril de 2015. Isto terá um impacto negativo em todos os sites que não têm um site para celular ou adaptativo no celular SERP. Não deixe que "#Mobilegeddon" afetar sua empresa. Criar um site específico celular ou website adaptativo!